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mlean® Production System

mlean® has created a digital way forward for industrial operations with one elegant solution, the mlean® Production System (mPS). The fully-integrated and most complete system that digitizes and centralizes continuous improvement processes right from the shop floor.

Inspired by lean manufacturing and improving people’s lives, the innovative mlean®
Production System
focuses on transforming factories into a safe working environment.


adjustments in place


significantly the cost of non-quality


less time in the decision-making process


fewer resources, better results

Trusted by + 30 leading worldwide companies

  • Start your safety by defining and respecting robust standards
  • Train your organization’s workforce with work instructions made on video
  • Develop the overall skills of your team to face all the incoming challengesv
  • Identify wastes, propose new versions and get them approved to safely achieve your performance goals
  • Focus on what matters the most. Define daily routines completely aligned with your factory goals
  • Guarantee everybody take part in the important activities
  • Compare your factory reality from different perspectives through Gemba Walk
  • Identify improvement opportunities and anticipate potential issues.
  • Merge shop floor related audits into a single tool
  • Eliminate all manual and paper processing using spreadsheets
  • Save critical time with every audit so you can focus on value-added tasks
  • Guarantee all tasks have been correctly done.
  • Optimize your time with the TPM routes
  • Identify where your most risky areas are through our heatmap.
  • Find the root cause of a problem with our 8D methodology
  • Fix the problem and share
  • Prevent it from occurring repeatedly
  • Create a data base to inspire future problem-solving
  • Raise the execution of your action plans to another level
  • Track progress and notify users, while adding evidence that enables you to follow up
  • Access your full PDCA method through the Lean Dashboard

mlean® Production System

Strategic Plan / Hoshin kanri

Our difference. Your benefits.

We have over 100 years of combined experience in the lean manufacturing and software industry.
mlean has an unrivaled ability to see the whole as more than the sum of its parts.

Select, customize and deploy on-prem or private/public cloud; the mlean Production System adapts to your needs and is built for enterprise scalability.

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mlean® Production System
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Company news

We are a continuous improvement software company and we invite you to see our latest news.

mlean within the 13 startups selected for the Scaleup Spain Network Program

El pasado miércoles los fundadores de mlean participaron en la la primera sesión de Scaleup Spain Network. Programa al que mlean ha sido seleccionado como una de las trece scaleups,

mlean: 6 años y medio de iteraciones.

Angélica Lozano, CTO de mlean ha presentado en Agile Alliance en su ponencia "6 años y medio de iteraciones", cómo tenemos en cuenta la opinión del usuario final cuando aún no lo tenemos. Así mismo, ha explicado en qué se traducen los principios ágiles cuando tienes que hacer llegar tu producto a fábricas de todo el mundo. Angélica además, compartió el viaje de mlean desde su fundación.

mlean & Trèves TCL present their collaboration on digitalization in FACYL.

Juan Brágimo, Director de Nuevos Negocios de mlean, junto a Tomás Fuentes, Gerente de la planta de Treves TCL, presentaron la transformación de los talleres del Grupo Treves con el mlean Production System, en un encuentro sobre digitalización en FACYL.

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