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mlean® solutions.




the shop floor

The mlean® Production System empowers your employee´s learning, productivity and experience in one integrated platform. This complete system to manage the shop floor rethinks you employee´s contribution to the company transformation in a simple, smart and integrated platform.


the shop floor with the innovative mlean® Production System and transform your factories into a safer working environment,  involving your people, in real time. 


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your teams …. mlean believes that the people closest to the work are the best to solve the problems…and are the best resources on how to do it better. Make them autonomous.


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a full-integrated continuous improvement system that can connect with your existing BI, ERP, MES and other platforms.


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from a proven system that stems with best practices used by multiple industries and customers. We are life-long learners to bring you the best.


The mPS will help you to manage one of the three key industrial pillars, the shop floor.


We cover all the activities you will need at your shop floor with our solutions portfolio. Either you start small or big, we are always flexible and we will adapt to what you need first.

Strategic Plan / Hoshin kanri

Prevention Solutions
Reaction Solutions
Reaction Solutions


Every solution has a different set of products that will support you to prioritize according to your needs. The system is flexible enough to add on products at your wish now or in the future. We have them all.  

Standard Work


Visual Standard

Skills Matrix

Standard Work Review


Routines & Gemba Walk


Gemba Walk


Job Observation

Master Audit



Problem Solving

Problem Solving

Action Plan

Lean Center

System benefits

Reduce costs by doing more with less resources, avoiding non-quality costs and delivering on time.

Empower your teams

Get people more engaged with a tool designed by people and for people.

Constantly working on the Gemba. Avoid non-added value activities +60 minutes per day per team leader.

Improve training and people skills with operators better prepared before getting to the workstation.

Improve the control of the shop floor

Guarantee factory goals alignment within the whole organization.

Manage your team skills and set the path towards standardization by improving the management of every workstation.

Facilitate the implementation of lean methodology: implement routines that will change the culture.

Enhance communication & visibility

Avoid out-of-date information by democratizing the information and making it always available and updated.

Effective action plan management : Improve traceability and visibility of the actions in progress.

Anticipate potential problems before they happen thanks to share lessons learned.

Advantages for your role

Every position at the plant has different needs and it is almost impossible to satisfy all those needs with just few products. The complete mlean Production System gratifies the needs for each role at your fingertips.  

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COO - Operational Excellence
  • Processes standardized across all factories
  • Connect and engage your management in the company strategy from where they are
  • Monitor every factory and its management health
  • Gain corporate productivity by sharing best practices
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Plant Manager
  • Align goals all-around your workforce
  • Gain visibility in your strategy implementation
  • Processes standardized across all the departments
  • Let your team be focused on what matters: improve profitability and competitiveness
  • Involve your teams in the daily decisions with live data to gain visibility in your strategy 
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Production Manager
  • Encourage autonomy and ownership within your managers
  • Foster daily routines to focus people efforts on what matter the most
  • Democratize information all around departments
  • Monitor recurring issues and waste to implement improvements
  • Get your factory knowledge maintained available for everybody
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Continuous Improvement Manager
  • Give visibility to the factory progress with facts
  • Foster true teamwork of the continuous improvement
  • Dynamize improvement opportunities where they happen
  • Collect best practices to implement in other areas
  • Empower the team 
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EH & Safety Manager
  • Get the EH&S standard measures in one tool
  • Guarantee the respect of all the work instructions and security key points
  • Report live accident and incident
  • Monitor your corrective actions
  • Reinforce your team accountability and compliance
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Frontline Associate
  • Discover your innate abilities to improve what you do
  • Be part of the strategy of the factory by bringing actions where they happen
  • Connect and share knowledge to similar stations to become better at what you do
  • Be part of the digital transformation of your factory
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IT Manager
  • Help to implement and deploy the mlean® Production System at your convenience: on-premise, your private cloud, or our public cloud
  • Become the key interface for the integration with your current implemented solutions
  • Fulfillments to the highest security requirements
  • BI integration ready to support your dashboarding strategy
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Quality Manager
  • Foster accountability in the teams
  • Drive effective problem resolution all around the factory
  • Guarantee the respect of all the work instructions and quality key points
  • Update audits live across all departments paperless.
  • Give transparency to your clients thanks to the traceability offered by the system
  • One system for your routines: inspect, review, act, and monitor.
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